Jiří Brady | Film Rambles through Terezin

The film from the series “Film Rambles through Terezin” brings the narration of Mr. Jiří Brady, where survivors, along with students, explore various authentic locations in the former Terezín ghetto. The survivors reminisce about the details from the time of World War II.

The filming took place in 2012 in Terezín and within the premises of the Terezín Memorial.
Director and Editor: Matouš Bičák
Assistant Director: František Tichý
DOP: Matouš Bičák and Filip Mašek
Sound: Jasna Simonová
Collaborator: Linda Langerová

The case of the (non)bestowal of a state honor and the event “Jirko, thank you”

The incident took place in October 2016 in connection with the awarding of state honors on October 28, 2016. The core of the dispute was the statement made by the Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic, Daniel Herman, that President Miloš Zeman did not award Jiří Brady with the decoration due to the minister’s meeting with the Dalai Lama. In support of Jiří Brady, a commemorative meeting was held at Strossmayer Square. Ultimately, Jiří Brady did not receive the state honor.


Jiří Brady (born 1928) grew up with his younger sister Hana (known worldwide from the book “Hana’s Suitcase”) in Nové Město na Moravě. The family was very harmonious, and their parents owned a small shop with mixed goods, dedicating their time to their children and nurturing their education, sports, and arts. During the time of the Protectorate, their mother was arrested first, followed by their father. Both were murdered in Auschwitz.

After their parents’ arrest, Jiří and Hana lived with their uncle for a while, but in 1942, they were also deported to Theresienstadt (Terezín). Jiří was assigned to Home One (Domov 1), but because he was already engaged in manual labor, he was supposed to be transferred elsewhere. However, Valter Eisinger insisted that he should stay in Home One. Jiří never attended the secret classes in building L 417; instead, he worked as a plumber in various locations within the ghetto during the day. He regularly participated in the self-government activities and cultural evenings of the ŠKID organization, although his contributions to the VEDEM magazine were occasional.

In the autumn of 1944, he was included in a transport with Petr Ginz, which ended in Auschwitz-Birkenau. Upon arrival, he was selected to go to the right side, meaning he would be assigned to work, which ultimately saved his life. After surviving several months in Birkenau, he endured a death march and lived until the end of the war.

Upon his return to his hometown, Jiří discovered that his entire family, including his sister Hana, had perished. In 1949, he emigrated to Canada, where he still resides. He significantly contributed to the publication of the English version of the book “Hana’s Suitcase.” To this day, he actively participates in the Han’s Suitcase project along with his daughter Larry (www.insidehanassuitcase.com).